Ciara’s Story

I always knew that I would end up in Missoula for college.  At first I was a little apprehensive because the majority of my family are Grizzlies, but when I arrived on campus, I knew it was a great fit. But meeting new people is a lot harder than it sounds! I called my dad about a week into school and told him about my not so great experience so far and asked for some advice. My dad was a member of our Greek system so his suggestion, obviously, was to go through formal recruitment and join a sorority.





I’ll admit that I filled out the application a little apprehensively. I was not sure what I was about to get myself into or if sorority life was even going to be for me. I convinced a friend to join me and we arrived at our first meeting before the important week began. I could tell from the tense feeling in the room that every other girl was nervous and all wondering similar questions. The overly-excited girl in charge of recruitment ( SIERRA BATEY ) explained the rules and how each day would go and what to expect. It was then I realized, but didn’t yet understand, how much she loved Greek life more than I imagined was possible.




Preference night is a night that I will always remember. I was invited back to two houses and was told multiple times that it would be the most influential night in the recruitment process. It was by far the most powerful and I made my decision by looking around and seeing the strong bonds between these women that many college students will never understand. Every girl throughout the recruitment process was genuinely nice and I found myself laughing throughout the whole week. I was never nervous nor did I have to pretend to be someone besides myself. At the end of the night, I decided that Kappa Alpha Theta was where I belonged.



Sorority life has connected me to the city of Missoula more than I could have imagined. Volunteer opportunities are endless and chances to help our philanthropies make up a part of what our Greek life stands for. I have also met so many other people on campus just through my sisters and cannot wait until I am in that position to help next year’s new members. Knowing that I can go to our house whenever and immediately be surrounded by other girls who just want to hang out has changed my life and made me truly appreciate all that a sorority can offer.  I find myself calling Missoula home when I talk with my parents and now, I truly believe it is.

-Ciara Gorman






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