Up ‘Til Dawn

Up ‘Til Dawn??

Hmm….that would be a struggle indeed for some of us (me)…

Helping kids beat cancer?  Now that sounds like something worth fighting for.

Up ‘Til Dawn is a student led philanthropic program hosted by colleges and universities nationwide to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Here at the University of Montana, two members of Delta Gamma sorority have contributed lots of time and energy to the cause.

Michelle and Breezy have been spotted at Buffalo Wild Wings and Uswirl fund-raising and “doing good” for Up ‘Til Dawn.  Here’s what Michelle had to say about their experience.

How’d you get involved?

My marketing professor, Emily Plant, approached Breezy and I after class one day, a few weeks into the semester and asked if we were interested in working on a fundraising event and helping plan it. Plant knew we were both active Greeks, and felt that our addition to the boards may help reach a large number of people, and also that Breezy and I are both interested in pursuing careers in event planning/management. After we talked with her, we agreed to check out the meeting and see what it was all about.

What did you get out of it?

So far, I have gotten a ton of valuable learning experience that will most definitely help me out with my future career. It has shown me how much time and planning goes into creating and planning an event, especially with nonprofit organizations, and how rewarding it is and will be once the event is executed. It has been a great experience meeting people, learning how to network with businesses and contacts, and most of all, helping raise awareness and hopefully help raise funds for such an awesome organization. St. Jude really appeals to me since I’ve had family members close to me experience cancer, and I can only imagine how difficult and scary it is for families to have children go through it. To be able to help this organization has left me with a good feeling about what I am capable of doing through my education.

What’s your favorite memory from the experience?

I would say working with a group of excellent and inspiring people to help create an event for St. Jude awareness has been one of my favorite experiences thus far. I work with such amazing people who are dedicated to making this a success and making the whole process fun. In addition to that, I would say working more with the Greek system and our campus, and seeing how many people are genuinely interested in helping out has been an awesome experience.

The Greek Community did a great job of coming together to support the cause.  A big group of Theta’s came out a fund raising event and some FroYo at Uswirl .  Ciara Gormen reported, “The place was packed!”



The Phi Delta Theta men showed up for some Buffalo Wild Wings!



It just goes to show you how being a part of the Greek system is a lot like being a part of a family 🙂


If you want to help raise money and awareness to fight cancer, click here to like the Up ‘Til Dawn FB page, and get yourself to the Tamarak Brewing Co. on February 19 at 6 PM because for every pint of beer you buy, 75 cents goes towards helping this amazing group put on their main event on February 28.  Check out the FB page for more details!

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