Recruitment vs. The Missoula Farmers Market

Have you been to the Missoula Farmers Market?

It is similar to sorority recruitment.  There are lots of people.

It can be a little crazy and hectic at times.

And there are lots of choices.

Do you buy fresh produce?

Or do you like flowers more?

And oh my goodness they are also selling muffins.  Shut up.

There are so many tantalizing choices and everything looks amazing. 

This dilemma is similar to sorority recruitment because all sorority houses have something amazing to offer.  When you can see the good in all four houses how in the world are you supposed to pick which one is best?

Try and think about it as if you are at the Farmer’s Market.

Whether you buy fresh carrots, pretty pink tulips or a brown sugar and blackberry muffin, you will leave happy.

When it comes to choosing a sorority, don’t worry too much about choosing the perfect house.  They are all special and wonderful in their own unique way and everything will work out in the end 🙂


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