Why Join Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Council??

Why would I join that?

What does it mean?  What do they do?  Is it fun? The name is so long…how am I ever going to manage to spell it right on a resume?

Are YOU thinking about joining Panhellenic council at UM??  Well, newsflash, if you are a member of the UM Greek community, you are already a member of Panhellenic.  

Panhellenic council consists of everyone in the Greek system.  Panhellenic is a word that describes activities where we are less affiliated with our individual fraternity and more affiliated with Greek Life in general.  Basically Panhellenic is sharing and spreading the LOVE for everything and everybody GREEK and beyond!  

While everyone is on Panhellenic council, only a select group of women get to hold leadership positions in the Panhellenic community.  Every Greek woman has the opportunity to apply for some kind of Panhellenic position (depending on which position is open to your house).  

The current Panhellenic leaders have compiled a little collection of memories and lessons learned from the year in their position.  We hope these self reflections help you understand what there is to gain from being a part of this amazing organization!  

Who? Bri: Panhellenic President

What did you learn? How to work and lead people with diverse backgrounds.

Favorite Memory? Recruitment week and our family dinners during disaffiliation. 

Who? Cassidy Grotte: VP Panhellenic

What did you learn? Collaboration!  Working with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

Favorite Memory? Bonding with women from other  houses during recruitment.

Who? Lacy Zinke: Recruitment Chair

What did you learn? How to organize and plan a big event.

Favorite Memory? Meeting women from other houses.

Who? Chloe Thompson: Assistant to Recruitment Chair

What did you learn?  How to delegate tasks, how to form constructive criticism and how to receive it.

Favorite Memory?  Anything that Julie Bryant says!!

Who? Amy Peterson: Scholarship Chair

What did you learn? How to work with a diverse team.  We came together and gave panhellenic a new start!

Favorite Memory?  The meeting.  This is my favorite meeting to go to all week because these women are committed our organization, fun to be around and positive.  I feel like I can trust anything to these women.

Who? Olivia Calabrese: Finance

What did you learn? How to be responsible with the budget.

Favorite Memory? The leadership workshop and riding the Ciara Express everyday during Recruitment.

Who? Ciara Gorman: Programming

What did you learn? How to effectively communicate with the chapters and learning how to organize plans.

Favorite Memory? I loved our weekly meetings and becoming friends with great girls from all chapters.  Panhellenic was so rewarding and I love every member of our executive board.  Also everything Julie said.  I will always remember that one time she gave me a compliment and I cried!

Who? Makenzie Hintt: Public Relations

What did you learn? How to grab the attention of people through creative writing and social media.  Through dissaffiliation, I also learned that I really appreciate Delta Gamma and I wouldn’t change my decision to join a sorority. 

Favorite Memory?  My favorite memory is easily our big reveal on Bid Day.  It was SO fun to run back to our house!!!

So what are you waiting for?!?!?!  Get an application and apply for Panhellenic council today because the applications close TOMORROW (November 15, 2013).  

We guarantee you will come out of this process as a stronger leader with more friends and a better understanding of the Greek System as a whole.  What more could ya ask for?!




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