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No matter what your style is, you probably enjoy shopping.  Whether it’s a full day in the mall, online shopping or simply giving your mom a list of clothes you need for birthday presents; we all need and enjoy clothes to some extent.  Because putting together outfits that represent who you are is fun.  And because when you look good, you feel good!

Of course, there is much more to a person than how they look.  We have all heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  But in some situations, such as a job interview, you are judged for your appearance.  Because that is a part of the process, and employers want to hire someone who can represent their company well on a visual level.

Some of us have time, money and resources to pull together a professional outfit for an interview and the many days on the job that follow, but others do not.  That’s where inspirational people like  Toni come into the picture to shine light in our world and show true compassion to fellow women.  Check out how Toni is helping women “dress for success” and learn how you can be a part of this amazing cause!!

My name is Toni Lynne Mischke, and I am starting the Y.E.S! (Young Executives for Success) branch of Dress for Success. I got involved in Dress for Success because I love the goal of this non-profit. What happens is that Women get referred to us from places like the YWCA when they get a job interview. Our job is to give them an outfit for free that is appropriate for the interview.  So they come to either me or my mother and get a makeup tutorial, and then are sent to Misty’s hair salon for a hair cut. If they then get the job they can come back and get a weeks worth of outfits for free. I believe that it is important to reach out to the women in our community and get them back into the workforce. I especially believe it is important to get the young people in Missoula reaching out as well.

We are putting on an event on Monday April 29th beginning at 6:30. It is a Fashion show to show off the amazing clothing that we give these women. We are having sorority models that are being escorted by our male athletes on campus. There is going to be a silent auction, we have been working with Missoula companies for those items. We are also serving a banquet of Cajun Fire shrimp. The cost of the tickets are $25 for one ticket with dinner $45 for a couple. But if you do not wish to have dinner and refreshments but just want to come it is $10. All of the proceeds go to Dress for Success Missoula.

I am very excited for this event and think that this will be a lot of fun.  If anyone has any questions, or wishes to buy a ticket they can feel free to call me or email me a (406)-241-6745 or If tickets wish to be purchased online or someone just wants to know more about Dress for Success the webpage is always up. Thank you for all of the support and I hope to see everyone there!!

Love always, Toni Lynne Mischke!

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Helping Hands


Who out there dreamed of being a princess when they were little?  Or maybe you still do, no judgement!

While Jill Sharp is not a princess, she does indeed have a crown and that is pretty darn close!

 Jill is a junior majoring in accounting and minoring in dance.  Jill’s favorite place in Missoula is the Clark Fork River and her favorite quote is, “Never let your fear decide your fate.”  She was crowned Ms. Montana Collegian on January 26 in South Dakota this past year.

For you princess wannabes out there, you’re probably wondering what exactly a Ms. Montana Collegian does.   Well, Jill certainly does more than wave and wear a sparkly crown! She makes appearances at community events and is an advocate for anti bullying.  Some benefits of being involved with the Ms. Montana collegian program are networking with other young women and learning better interviewing skills.

Currently, Jill is working on implementing legislation against cyber bullying in Montana.  Jill says, “As the last state in the nation to pass any form of legislation with regard to anti-bullying ideals, I believe that it is especially important to raise awareness about the issue and its consequences. I hope to persuade those around me to live with integrity and promote a healthy environment both within our school systems as well as social media outlets.”

In addition to great networking opportunities, Jill gets to go to nationals in New Orleans this July where she will be representing Montana at the national Miss Collegiate America 2013 organization.  The three phases of competition include Interview, Evening Gown, and Fashion Runway.  The organization is sponsored by Disney World where the ladies will make several appearances during their week of attendance.  How fun does that sound?!

Ms. Sharp encourages all women to think about getting involved with the Ms. Montana Collegian program and is ready to answer any questions about how to get involved.  Thanks Jill for being awesome and representing Alpha Phi and sorority women so greatly!  You go girl!

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March Sisterhood Spotlight

I am so excited to announce the women who are going above and beyond being an average sister in their houses!  Someone thinks you girls are pretty amazing; congratulations!!  Keep up the hard work and the awesome sisterhood 🙂

Kathleen Heiskell (Delta Gamma)

“Kathleen deserves to be recognized for all that she does for DG.  Not only is she an excellent and contributing member of Panhellenic, but she also takes the time to check in with each and every one of us to see how or day or week is going and she genuinely cares about cheering us up when we’re feeling down.  I’m grateful to call you my sister Kathleen!”


Laura Wilson (Alpha Phi)

“Laura has such an amazing happiness that rubs off on everyone. Everytime you see her you are greeted with a laugh, smile or silly face to make your day. Anytime I need a friend she is one of the first people I call. I admire her in every way possible.”


Megan Daniels (Kappa Kappa Gamma)

 “No matter what she is going through, Megan remains sisterly and true. She is very approachable, and I could go to her with anything. She is doing an amazing job with her office as Vice President of Academic Excellence, and we can all feel the chapter improving. She is wonderful at working with people, and the house really respects her.”


Caroline Houser (Kappa Alpha Theta)

 “She is currently interning in Walt Disney world! She can always cheer you up and if this doesn’t make the spotlight story it would still make a good blog story!”

Thank you for you participation everyone!  Get excited for the April Spotlight and have a safe and fabulous spring break!



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Helping Hands

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Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss.

He’s bright and colorful.  He’s full of wise words.  He’s a cat!

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The Ladies of Alpha Phi have been following this cat’s advice.  They got out into the community on Dr. Seuss day at the Missoula Public Library to volunteer and join in on the annual celebration!

This story is comin’ at ya from an active APhi member named Ty.

Here’s Ty’s summary of the day:

We spent the day reading dr. Seuss books, coloring with kids and playing and instructing games of “the cat says” (our version of Simon says) with kids and some of the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Jessica Jensen said, “Community outreach is an amazing way to show how supportive our Greek system is of the Missoula Community. It was great to spend time with my Big, Aly Bjorneby, while playing a Dr. Seuss version of Pin the tail on the donkey!”

Ty Chehak said, “My favorite part of the day was reading my favorite Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hears A Who, with one of the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon while being surrounded by children. Dr. Seuss Day was a great day and I’m so glad I got to give back to the Missoula Community with some of my sisters.”


Thanks Alpha Phi for spreading the love and giving back to the community 🙂

P.S  Did you know that Dr. Seuss is a Sig Ep alumni???

P.P. S Mind Blown.

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Helping Hands

When Tessa told me she was going to Nepal this Summer, I was like Oh, wow that’s great! You’ve been out of the country before right? Like, in that picture where your back is to the camera and you’re in a jungle?

Turns out she was in Washington in the above pic.


But this time she is really going for it! Yep, Tessa and Taylor are going abroad with Global Grizzlies.

And when I say abroad, I mean Nepal, baby!

They’ll be in Nepal with the Global Grizzlies student group for the entire month of July where they will spend their time doing volunteer medical work and building medical centers.

Did you know that 90 percent of Nepal’s doctors are located in the biggest city, Kathmandu?

If a Nepal resident needs medical attention, they must commute to Kathmandu. And sometimes the only way to do this is by plane or a five-day walk. Since medical assistance is so difficult and near impossible for some resident’s to access, many people die of trivial illness’.

The goal of Global Grizzlies is to build medical posts between Kathmandu and the smaller communities so health care is more accessible.

In addition to making a huge change in the lives of Nepal citizens, Tessa and Taylor will live in conditions far outside their comfort zones.

They’ll be living with host families who speak no english in one room homes made of bamboo and mud. They’ll say good-bye to running water and there will not be a Big Dipper up the street. In Nepal, fruit is a delicacy. And the diet is basically rice and lentils for daysssssssssssss.

Tessa and Taylor will return to our campus as well-rounded women with fresh perspectives and hearts full of joy because they are making a huge difference for people in need!

So do you wanna support Tessa, Taylor and the global grizzlies?

Wanna eat some wings?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I suggest you show up at Buffalo Wild Wings this Wednesday because a portion of the proceeds is funding the Global Grizzlies and their wonderful mission.

In order to benefit the Global Grizzlies with your purchase you will need to present a coupon that you can access from the link below or get one from a friend in global grizzlies!

You go Tessa and Taylor! We CANNOT WAIT to hear about your experience in the Fall 🙂

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Amanda’s Story

My mother still says, “Oh, Amanda! Out of everybody in our family….I still can’t believe you joined a sorority! Who knew?!”
It really is a rather repeated sentence, though it did lose its frequency once the collective shock of me joining Greek life ran around the family grapevine a couple of times. Though, I can see why my family was a little surprised, as they still hold true to the notion of the societal view of a sorority (Mom pictures “Legally Blonde”).
If you knew me better, you would see why the “House Bunny” stereotype wouldn’t fit my persona. I grew up in Texas, and when I was not struggling to escape the oppressive heat by hiding in my freezer, I was throwing a football and more or less believed shoes to be a great evil. When I moved to Idaho after my freshman year of high school, this tendency to like the outdoors increased exponentially (it’s easier to be outside when you’re not losing half your water weight due to 102 degree heat). Shooting, 4-wheeling, hiking, and fishing enthralled me. Don’t worry. I did participate in more lady-like activities. Like pottery—the medium that allows you to play in the mud, but look sophisticated at the same time.
To make a long story short, all I knew about sororities was what the TV taught me. Therefore, I was not in the slightest bit interested because I felt I wouldn’t fit in.
Then, I went to college. I had a great first year, but felt that I was a little lacking in the social atmosphere. One of my girlfriends in Turner dorm, after hearing about my resolve to expand my social sphere, suggested a sorority. At first I was skeptical, but when she took me to her house and introduced me to a group of girls who were genuinely excited to meet someone new. They were a diverse group of women whose friendliness blew me away. They were accepting and polite, and welcomed me into their home. I knew right away that my previous notions about what sororities were was completely inaccurate. I was sold.
I went through formal recruitment my sophomore year of college. It was a blast—not just because of the food. It was exciting, if not a little mind-boggling, to meet some many people at once. I recall telling people after recruitment that the section of my brain devoted to remembering names had imploded. It was true, too. I couldn’t for the life of me remember anyone’s name in any of my classes for about two weeks after bid day, because I was frantically trying to memorize all of my sister’s names. Aside from that, and the vertigo that clung to me from running from one end of campus to another wearing heels, I quite enjoyed it.
There was a solidifying moment during recruitment week that stood out to me. I was at the Kappa house, and all of the members stood on the staircase and stated what they were. (“I am a dancer,” “I am an artist,” etc.) I heard “potato farmer,” “geologist,” “writer” and so many other things that highlighted the diversity of the house. It was the “potato farmer” that did it for me, if I must be honest. It catered to my own whims. I knew that I had found my house, because despite all my weird tendencies and affinities for things that usually end up with me getting filthy, I knew I would fit in. I knew that there, I wouldn’t be trying to fit into a mold—I’d just be making Kappa more interesting and more diverse.

That’s how I ended up in Kappa! I got a great Big Sister, who rocks my socks off. I say that to her a lot, but as it fits with the aforementioned “anti-shoe” comment, I will repeat myself. The house is amazing—it makes me feel like Scarlett O’Hara at times, with its columns and old woodwork. And, despite being the only person on the University of Montana campus who actually likes the Food Zoo, the food is amazing.
So, while my family still remains dumbfounded at my decision, I would say it’s because they don’t understand Kappa like I do. Kappa is about sisterhood, and loving each other despite faults. I’m so glad that I decided to join, because being there has changed my college life and given me a group of women that I will have a bond with forever.

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Heads Up! International Badge Day

What’s up everyone?!  Who’s ready for national Badge day tomorrow??  Whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming up quick.

Here’s some advice on how to have a successful International Badge Day.

1. Wear your badge (aka your pin), silly!


2. Dress it up.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweats and sorority Tshirt way more as much as the next gal, but your badge deserves a better canvas.  Choose tomorrow to wear your favorite and cutest outfit all day and present that badge with pride!



3. Answer the questions.  Yes, the questions!  Throughout the week, Panhellenic council will be posting question such as, “What is your favorite part of being in a sorority?”  And we want YOU to answer us taking a picture.

So let’s say, “The frequent FroYo outings are my favorite part of being in a sorority.”  I think that is plausible, no?  Then I would write my answer boldy and clearly on a big piece of paper (All The FroYo!) and ask my sister to take a picture of me holding my answer.  Next I would message/post the picture to the UM Panhellenic FB page or this email:

Boom Swagger.  And now I have helped spread the National Ritual Week love and helped out Panhellenic Council.  Double Score.

We want these pictures so we can show them to incoming Freshmen in Greek life presentations!  And we just want to see your lovely faces 🙂

And the sorority who submits the most photos at the end of the week will be recieving a prize. Oh, yesssssssssss.

The questions are coming so get your Instagram App while they’re hot!

Happy Sunday Y’all 🙂



Weekend Update!

Happy Happy Weekend 🙂

Who’s got some awesome plans? If you are lacking in ideas, we’de love to help you out!


First Friday Downtown! Have fun walking around, window shopping at the shops and mooching off free snacks 🙂

Free Oula! Shake it at the YMCA tonight at 7:45.

Movies at the UC theater! 7 PM= Rise of the Guardians and 9:30 PM = The Impossible (these are also playing Saturday if you miss them on Friday)


(photo source)


Food Heirloom Winter Market at 11 AM at the Missoula Fair Grounds. Food? I’ll be there.

Dance-a-thon (ft. Zumba and Oula Classes) 12 PM to 2 PM at Big Sky High school. Free admission, donations welcome!


(photo source)


Missoula Winter Market! 10 AM at the city lynx event center

So what are y’all waiting for? Get out there and have some fun!  If you have news about another fun weekend activity leave a comment on this post or the Panhellenic FB page 🙂

Oh, and congrats to our new assistant director of Recruitment: Chloe from Kappa Alpha Theta!!


Panhellenic Council

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Sisterhood Spotlight Kickoff: Chloe

Hello Everybody!

Breaking news! In addition to filling this blog up with stories about philanthropic activities, sisterhoods, and stories about sorority life, we want to recognize girls who go above and beyond being acceptable sorority women.

Each month there will be a sisterhood spotlight where one girl from each house is recognized for excellent scholarship, outstanding community involvement, or a display of true sisterly love.

And let’s be real…who doesn’t get super excited about winning the public spotlight and reading a nice note about themselves??  I think it makes us all stand a little taller 🙂

So if there is a sister that you think deserves some recognition, tell us!  Email nominations for the March Sisterhood spotlight in a Facebook message to the University of Montana Panhellenic page or the temporary PR email: get_the_hintt@hotmail .com.  There will be a nomination box where you can write nominations coming soon to all houses!

With that being said,

Meet Chloe!

Here’s a quick run down of our February sisterhood spotlight lady:

  • Sorority: Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Favorite Ice Cream: “Fro Yo from U-Swirl, Duh.” 😀
  • Favorite Movie: Up (This girl has good taste.)
  • Favorite Quote: “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Audrey Hepburn


Clearly this girl is a keeper because she knows what’s up when it comes to good ice cream, but her choice to volunteer in Africa this summer makes her even more outstanding.  She is joining forces with Team Agape: New Life Mission to improve the lives of kids living in Nairobi, Kenya and the Mashuru Mission.

She’ll spend 2 and a half weeks in Africa working with a team to give the local orphanage and kindergarten a “face lift”.  The team will re-do the playground too if funds allow.  In addition to providing manual labor to improve the kids environment, Chloe will have the opportunity to form relationships with some amazing kids.

“I’m just excited to go love on these kids.  They’ve had a rough life and basically come from nothing, but they are still so happy.”


“Agape means unconditional love.  We hope to help the kids develop fully both physically and spiritually!” ~Chloe

Chloe’s trip will be funded by her generous, supportive family members and her own hard work leading up to the trip.  If anyone feels drawn to donate to the cause, I’m sure the funds would be appreciated.  Go ahead and leave a comment on this post to get in contact with Chloe and talk about possible donations!

Chloe know’s that most readers are poor college kids though…so a hug and a wish for safe travels and good luck would be just as appreciated!

Chloe’s leap of faith to change the world for the better is an inspiration to us all.  Way to go girl!  Your sisters in all sororities are super proud of your courage and compassion 🙂

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Up ‘Til Dawn

Up ‘Til Dawn??

Hmm….that would be a struggle indeed for some of us (me)…

Helping kids beat cancer?  Now that sounds like something worth fighting for.

Up ‘Til Dawn is a student led philanthropic program hosted by colleges and universities nationwide to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Here at the University of Montana, two members of Delta Gamma sorority have contributed lots of time and energy to the cause.

Michelle and Breezy have been spotted at Buffalo Wild Wings and Uswirl fund-raising and “doing good” for Up ‘Til Dawn.  Here’s what Michelle had to say about their experience.

How’d you get involved?

My marketing professor, Emily Plant, approached Breezy and I after class one day, a few weeks into the semester and asked if we were interested in working on a fundraising event and helping plan it. Plant knew we were both active Greeks, and felt that our addition to the boards may help reach a large number of people, and also that Breezy and I are both interested in pursuing careers in event planning/management. After we talked with her, we agreed to check out the meeting and see what it was all about.

What did you get out of it?

So far, I have gotten a ton of valuable learning experience that will most definitely help me out with my future career. It has shown me how much time and planning goes into creating and planning an event, especially with nonprofit organizations, and how rewarding it is and will be once the event is executed. It has been a great experience meeting people, learning how to network with businesses and contacts, and most of all, helping raise awareness and hopefully help raise funds for such an awesome organization. St. Jude really appeals to me since I’ve had family members close to me experience cancer, and I can only imagine how difficult and scary it is for families to have children go through it. To be able to help this organization has left me with a good feeling about what I am capable of doing through my education.

What’s your favorite memory from the experience?

I would say working with a group of excellent and inspiring people to help create an event for St. Jude awareness has been one of my favorite experiences thus far. I work with such amazing people who are dedicated to making this a success and making the whole process fun. In addition to that, I would say working more with the Greek system and our campus, and seeing how many people are genuinely interested in helping out has been an awesome experience.

The Greek Community did a great job of coming together to support the cause.  A big group of Theta’s came out a fund raising event and some FroYo at Uswirl .  Ciara Gormen reported, “The place was packed!”



The Phi Delta Theta men showed up for some Buffalo Wild Wings!



It just goes to show you how being a part of the Greek system is a lot like being a part of a family 🙂


If you want to help raise money and awareness to fight cancer, click here to like the Up ‘Til Dawn FB page, and get yourself to the Tamarak Brewing Co. on February 19 at 6 PM because for every pint of beer you buy, 75 cents goes towards helping this amazing group put on their main event on February 28.  Check out the FB page for more details!

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